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Warning Signs That Your Gearbox Needs Replacing

Unlike some problems with your car, a problematic gearbox cannot be left alone – it needs sorting as soon as possible as it can cause damaging and potentially dangerous issues later down the line.

Thankfully, here at Taroni’s Motor Salvage, we’re able to supply a wide range of quality used car parts, including replacement gearboxes. Read these following tell-tale signs and, if you notice any or suspect any other reason that your gearbox may be damaged, then browse our website or get in touch for your urgent replacement part.

1. Whistling Or Clicking Noise Whilst Driving
It can be easy to ignore those irritating knocks, clicks and whistles while you’re driving – particularly if you turn the radio up to cover them, or have a loud engines which masks the noise. However, a whistling and clicking noise while you’re driving (or particularly when changing gear) can be an indication that your gearbox’s bearings are becoming worn, and you may need a replacement

2. Difficulty In Engaging Gears When Parked & Driving
If you’re struggling to actually switch into particular gears, or you find that your car’s gears are slipping while you’re driving, then this can be a tell-tale sign that your gearbox is showing signs of wear and needs replacing. Specifically, it usually means that the gearbox’s synchromesh is worn and that the box is on its way out.

3. Low Fluid Levels/Issues With Transmission Fluid
You don’t necessarily have to wait until your gearbox actually starts to physically malfunction before being able to spot that it’s in need of replacement or repair. A simple check of your vehicle’s transmission fluid, which can be found under the bonnet just behind your oil dipstick, can reveal any underlying gearbox issues. The fluid level should not be too low, and the oil should be clear – and discolouring or black flakes could indicate issues, as could a burnt smell to the fluid itself.

If you’ve noticed any of these tell-tale signs that your vehicle’s gearbox is on its last legs, and you’re in desperate need of a replacement, then don’t leave it up to your mechanic to source the part – save yourself both time and money, and check out our range of car spares here at Taroni’s Motor Salvage.

We stock a fantastic range of both used and new parts, thanks to our extensive salvage yard working round the clock to source a wide range of quality parts for a variety of makes and models. For more information on what we stock, simply browse our products online or call us direct on 0121 333 6660.

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