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Should I Buy Car Spares from a Salvage Yard?

A question asked by many car owners is whether they should buy new car spares from manufacturers or obtain used ones from salvage yards. This debate is often about costs for the majority whilst for others it is purely about the quality of the product, however the good news is that, just like new parts, used parts can be of outstanding quality.

If you have found yourself in this dilemma, the only thing you need to do to be assured of value for money is to locate a reputable vehicle salvage company.

At Taroni’s, we specialise in car salvage and are therefore able to acquire different car spares from a range of car models. A vehicle can be damaged after a crash or deteriorate after being in use for a certain period of time, but even with that, any one or a number of the parts don’t automatically become unusable elsewhere. Most of these parts work perfectly when fixed to roadworthy vehicles with the advantage of buying such parts over new ones being that you get the exact part you need, at a fraction of the cost.

By purchasing used spares, you will, in addition to saving money, contribute towards environmental conservation. When you buy old spares, you reduce the need for a new part to be manufactured and also the amount of waste being disposed of into landfill.

Having been working in this industry for many years, we are able to easily tell the car parts that can be reused, which in turn enables us to supply our customers with high quality products. By adhering to environment laws, firmly sticking to the provisions of the Waste Legislation and undertaking regular inspections from the Environment Agency, you can trust our services to be reliable and environmentally responsible.

If your vehicle has broken down for one reason or another and you need to replace a particular part to get it back on the road, take a look at the products we have on offer.

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