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Get A Grip: Warning Signs That Your Tyres Need Replacing

Tyres are perhaps one of the most frequently changed components during the life of our cars – whether it’s damage, neglectful maintenance or simply regular wear over time, there are numerous reasons as to why we frequently need to replace this vital car part.

As well as being unsafe, damaged and worn tyres are not road legal and are one of the most common reasons a vehicle can fail its annual MOT – read on for some key warning signs that you’re in need of replacement tyres.

1. Loss Of Grip On The Roads (Particularly In Bad Weather)
This symptom should be easy to spot; not requiring you to physically examine your car, a change in the way your car handles when you’re driving should be an indication that something’s not quite right. If your tyres are getting worn down, whether over time or due to uneven wear, then you’ll find they grip the road not quite as well as they used to – something particularly noticeable in wet conditions, or when breaking quite harshly. It’s like an indication that your tyres are past their best, and need replacing as soon as possible.

2. Tread Depth Under The 1.6mm Minimum (Regular Wear)
The ‘1.6mm’ rule should be well and truly drilled in after our theory and driving tests and, while it’s easy to forget, it’s just as easy to inspect yourself. If the tread depth across the central three-quarters of the tyre is less than 1.6mm then your tyres are not road legal, are not safe and would not pass in an MOT. While it’s likely down to regular wear over the life of the tyre, it’s still time to get replacements.

3. Uneven Or Excessive Tread Wear
This warning sign is similar to the standard tread depth wear in point two, but generally not down the centre of the tyre; tread wear can occur unevenly as well. While this is another reason for changing your tyres due to wear, it can also be signs of other problems that also need addressing. This can include wheel misalignment when tread is worn progressively from one side, or excessive wheel camber causing sloping wear.

4. Significant Damage (e.g. Cracking/Bulging)
This is one of the easiest warning signs to spot, and can come in a variety of different forms. After being involved in an accident, for example, it’s often our instinct to first inspect the body of the car for scratches and dents, but tyres shouldn’t be ignored either. Impact to the sidewall can cause casing damage which requires immediate replacement of the tyre. Other notable damage could include cuts due to sharp objects in the road or vandalism, and damaged tread due to tyre over-inflation.

If your tyres look like they’re nearing the end of their lifespan, have suffered some damage in an accident or are simply overdue a change ahead of your next service or MOT then look no further than Taroni’s Motor Salvage for our affordable range of tyres. We specialise salvaged and used car parts and, with decades of experience under our belts, we can supply you with quality wheels, tyres and other components that you can trust.

We’re constantly breaking new cars in our Birmingham salvage yard, meaning we’re always adding new products to our website. If you don’t see what you need online, just call us direct on 0121 333 6660 and we’ll be happy to help you find the parts to get your car up and running again.

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