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Essential Checklist: Everything You Need For Home Car Repairs

Many car owners are put off at the thought of carrying out their own repairs, whether dissuaded by the apparent difficulty or just concerned that they might do more harm than good to their vehicle. The fact is, though, that whatever your mechanical competence might be there are a wealth of repairs you can do to your car that can save you the money and hassle involved in dealing with a mechanic.

All that you need is the right tools, a driveway-sized space and a bit of practice, and this essential checklist will give you the basics that you need to start looking after your car yourself and not spending a fortune on mechanics and specialists.

1. A Set Of Car Jacks/A Ramp
While garages have the luxury of a pit for the mechanics to work in, and therefore have access to the underside of the car, it’s something that’s probably lacking in your home. A set of jacks or a ramp to drive your car onto is all that you’ll need should you need to do anything from removing the front bumper to dealing with wheel alignment, brakes or your exhaust.

2. A Comprehensive Toolbox
There’s nothing worse than having your car raised up on jacks and the front bumper removed, only to find that you don’t have the right sized spanner or Torx wrench to continue your home repair work. Buying tools in sets is the best way to avoid not quite having the right tool for the job. Buy spanners in size sets rather than individually, and ensure you have one of every kind of hand tool in your toolbox – you can never have too many tools!

3. A Haynes Service & Repair Manual
We’re not usually ones to drop brand-names into our articles, but a Haynes service and repair manual is an invaluable part of any home mechanics arsenal. Available for virtually every make, model and year of car going, they’re a comprehensive guide to any kind of repair to your vehicle – from simple headlamp bulb replacements, to fitting new light units and door panels. If you own a car, you should own its Haynes manual!

If you’re doing any car repairs yourself to keep your vehicle running at its best, or you simply need a high quality but affordable part for your mechanic to make repairs for you, then look no further than our comprehensive selection of used car parts and care spares here at Taroni’s Motor Salvage.

We have a wide range of car parts, from engines and starter motors to wing mirrors and windscreens, giving you everything you need to get your car running as it should – whether it’s been in an accident or just needs some extra TLC. For more information on our range of available parts, simply browse our website or call us today on 0121 333 6660 if you can’t see what you need.

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