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Common Signs Of Engine Damage You Need Fixing

To say that your car’s engine is an important component is something of an understatement, and if any potential problems arise it’s simply not possible to ignore them – they need addressing as soon as possible.

Whether the solution is a repair or a complete replacement of the engine depends entirely on the fault that’s the root of the problem, and this latest post from us runs down a few common signs of engine damage or issues that need fixing as soon as possible.

1. Exhaust Smoke/Engine Smoke

It’s easy to ignore and often difficult to spot while you’re in the driver’s seat and concentrating on the road, but if there’s smoke being emitted from your vehicle’s exhaust, it can be a sign of deeper and more serious engine trouble – and the colour can even help you diagnose what’s wrong. A blue-ish grey smoke can be a sign of oil escaping and being burned along with the fuel, and needs to be addressed quickly to repair seals. White smoke is a sign that water condensation is mixing with the fuel and is getting burned up – diverting it away from the engine which is now in danger of overheating.

2. Burning Smells While Driving
It really depends on the ‘kind’ of smell that you’ve noticed; an exhaust smell within your car signals that carbon monoxide gases, among others, are making their way from your engine and into your car, and getting it looked at quickly is imperative as carbon monoxide poisoning can be fatal.

A smell of burning rubber could mean that drive belts and other rubber belts underneath the hood are worn out and in danger of becoming loose or more damaged, and result in more serious engine problems later down the line.

3. ‘Check Engine’ Light Flashing
Much like a baby that cries, your car’s check engine light lets you know that you need to do something with your vehicle – but there’s no real clue as to what it is. The check engine light can signal a whole host of issues going on under the hood, from a faulty fuel cap to a damaged catalytic convertor – it could even be something as simple as replacing spark plugs.

However, you shouldn’t take any chances and have your car thoroughly checked out to ensure a more serious problem isn’t the cause.

If your vehicle’s engine is in need of repairing and you need high quality, affordable used car spares, or your engine simply needs replacing altogether, then you can rely on our range of car parts online here at Taroni’s Motor Salvage to help you get your vehicle up and running again.

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