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Common Ford Repairs You Should Keep An Eye Out For

Ford have long been one of the world’s leading car manufacturers shaping the motor industry. Ford itself is now the fifth largest company in the world in terms of car sales making it one of the most popular car makes for all types of road users.

Here at Taronis Motor Salvage, we specialise in providing a complete selection of used motor parts for all types of cars and vehicles, including Ford. Utilising their easy search by manufacturer feature, customers can quickly find the exact products they need for their vehicle repairs.

This month, we are focusing on Ford and the common problems that owners are facing across a range of models. From the Fiesta, to the Focus, to the Escort, we look at how you can identify certain repairs as well as what to look for should you suspect a problem.

The top 10 Ford models with the most problems reported:

1. Explorer
2. Focus
3. F-150
4. Taurus
5. Windstar
6. Escape
7. Expedition
8. Ranger
9. Mustang
10. Fusion

Common Problems with the Ford Focus

1. Engine Power Failure (1998-2004 1.6 model)
2. Automatic Gearbox Problem (1998-2004 Auto models)
3. Brake Hose (1998-2004 RS model)
4. Cooling Fan Problems (2004-2011 1.6 TDCi Estate)
5. Power Steering (2004-2011 models)

Common Problems with the Ford Fiesta

1. Fuel Pipe (2002-2008 models)
2. Faulty Suspension (2008 – present models)
3. Airbag Detectors (2002-2008 models)
4. Water Pump Fault (2002-2008)

If you suspect any of these issues, it’s important that you either look at them yourself or get a professional opinion. It could save you costly expenses later down the line.

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